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Who We Are

FeniksForge was established in 2023, born from the harmonious blend of Belgian craftsmanship and the enchanting world of fantasy. Our company, like the legendary Phoenix or ‘Feniks’ in Belgian folklore, transforms raw materials such as glass, gemstones, and resin into vibrant and sturdy artworks, akin to the phoenix rising anew from the ashes.

‘Forge’ signifies our unwavering dedication to creating robust, enduring masterpieces. This term evokes images of skilled artisans akin to dwarven craftsmen from fantasy lore, showcasing our strong connection to the fantasy genre and resonating with the passionate Dungeons & Dragons community.

Every figurine and dice set from FeniksForge is a testament to our core values—marrying the magic of fantasy with reality, showcasing resilience through our designs, unveiling our boundless creativity, and embodying authenticity. Welcome to the heart of Belgian craftsmanship where myth, artistry, and materials unite in a symphony of form. Experience the magic in each roll of our carefully crafted dice, and marvel at the intricate details of our handcrafted figurines. At FeniksForge, we ensure that the magic of fantasy lives on in every creation.

Our Mission

We're dedicated to crafting the highest quality fantasy-inspired figurines and dice sets. With a focus on premium materials and craftsmanship, each piece is designed to enchant and last. Our mission: to infuse your world with a touch of magic.

Producing the Highest Quality Products

Our commitment is simple: to produce the highest quality, fantasy-inspired creations. Using premium materials and craftsmanship, we ensure every product is a durable, enchanting masterpiece.

Specializing in 3D printing, DTF printing, Wood/Metal engraving, we personalize products with quality and precision.

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